Shipped Titles

Poker Solitaire banner

Poker Solitaire App Store link

Poker Solitaire by Ludisto (iOS)

  • Created iOS port of Poker Solitaire by Ludisto, originally developed for OUYA in C#/Unity3D
  • Implemented touch screen input with new interfaces for touch devices
  • Added support for iOS-specific features such as asking for App Store ratings and linking to Game Center

Diamond Dash banner

Diamond Dash (Facebook)

  • Refactored existing ActionScript code and created regression tests for bug fixes
  • Worked with back-end team to add metrics tracking for new features
  • Developed new UI features, including: multi-friend selector, new in-game boost flow


ChefVille (Facebook)

  • Worked on deserialization of resource files
  • Helped refine in-game resource/energy usage and in-game rewards system
  • Additional responsibilities included: creating UI elements, improving animation system

Personal Projects

Carbon Conquest

Main menu screenshotA 3D RTS developed in Unity3D using C#. Developed in a team of seven as an independent study.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Implemented fog of war
  • Implemented minimap
  • Developed event-based animation subsystem
  • Integrated interface artwork from artists
  • Researched networking techniques (but, due to time and scope, did not implement)

Wooga Fighter

Wooga Fighter intro screen
A2D fighting game written in ActionScript. The game was developed for an arcade machine being built at Wooga as a side project. The arcade machine and game were shown off at GDC Europe 2012 at Wooga’s booth.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Developed game states and flow during fights, e.g. K.O. visuals, “Round one… fight!” introductions, etc.
  • Implemented HUD during fights
  • Implemented sound
  • Helped build an arcade cabinet for the game
  • Performed voice acting for the game’s announcer


Heretics main menu screenshot
A 2D platformer game created in C++ using DirectX 11. Created in a team of four as coursework.

Personal Accomplishments

  • Designed and implemented basic engine architecture.
  • Created a 2D sprite rendering system in Direct3D.
  • Created a level and tile set system for easily-editable levels loaded at runtime.
  • Implemented enemies, including a simple boss fight.
  • Implemented platform collisions.

Peg Solitaire

A text-based peg solitaire game programmed from scratch in MIPS R2000 Assembly Language. Validates user input, prints appropriate error messages, and detects when the game has ended. Created solo as elective coursework.

   **     Peg Puzzle     **

    0  1  2  3  4  5  6
0       | X  X  X |
1 +-----+ X  X  X +-----+
2 | X  X  X  X  X  X  X |
3 | X  X  X     X  X  X |
4 | X  X  X  X  X  X  X |
5 +-----+ X  X  X +-----+
6       | X  X  X |

Enter the location of the peg to move (RC, -1 to quit):